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 Welcome to the home of The Wrecking Crew UK!

We are a UK-based Arma 3 group dedicated to delivering the best ACE/ACRE public server experience possible!

Public Server

TeamSpeak 3 (For ACRE) IP = "" (ACRE is required to play on our server)

Third Person = Off
HUD Markers = Off
Cross Hair = Off

Whereas most Arma groups focus primarily on private missions with a recruiting/public server as a secondary and often ignored aspect of their unit, The Wrecking Crew UK has the primary focus of providing the most immersive and realistic (as far as is appropriate for a public server) public server experience possible, and to promote the general idea of an easily accessible gateway into epic Arma 3 realistic game play.

It is built by public server players for public server players, with missions built for the ground up for the best experience, including a "walled garden" mil-sim experience, in which all players you see are on voice chat, and team killing is automatically circumvented.

In addition we have a bespoke, community made Operation every Saturday involving anywhere between a Platoon & Company of Infantry as well as a variety of attachments. The era of these Operations varies from Cold War, 90's, Modern and a once a month MMO featuring any era, any force type and any country, meaning that throughout a month of Operations there is an abundance of variety.

If you don't have ACE/ACRE, you can follow our Install Guide !
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7th Sep · [TWC] jayman · 0 Comments

Congratulations to Blue Monkey, Forrest, Louis T, Strovacheck, and Tooit. Due to their dedication to TWC they have earned the right to be full TWC members.

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17th Jul · [TWC] Twiggy · 0 Comments

Congratulations to Thorulf4 aand Jefro. Due to their dedication to TWC they have earned the right to be a full TWC Member.

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Chat Box
[TWC] TheLocalPub 03:50
I don't like halo all that much but MMO? ... atch?v=H9uQoNdKm-I
Hobbs 01:14
Missed it completely, just got in. Hope you kicked arse lads
Lukey 01:13
Great fun tonight, got me back in the swing of things
Preacher 00:19
Op was great guys, had a lot of fun watching Good Night all!
Preacher 19:23
Wow, start game, BSOD
[TWC] jayman 18:22
Join now for the pre-op test
Preacher 18:19
Yeah, fourth OP!
[TWC] Mallas 18:05
Enjoy the upvote.
[TWC] TheLocalPub 18:02
How to prepare for being a runner in a WWII OP
Lukey 17:55
Lol Twiggy
[TWC] Snowball 24th Sep
RIP Credible british opposition party
[TWC] Bosenator 24th Sep
Don't forget to vote.
Lukey 24th Sep
Alec 23rd Sep
no. 1 on arma clans!!
Lukey 23rd Sep
Phill knows
[TWC] Phill 23rd Sep
Friday night public night
Lukey 23rd Sep
Everyone come play public as it's Friday yeah cool thnx cya
[TWC] Bosenator 23rd Sep
[TWC] T. Roberts 23rd Sep
1st mothafuckas
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